Doterra review

We are considering making Dickinson Arrows an MLM compensation model to help everyone win from our valuable products and services.

There was another network marketing company similar to this that we will compare for review to what we could become in the future.

DoTerra is a online MLM business company that primarily focuses on selling essential oils and essential oil blends. Launched in 2008, DoTerra is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the country. This is what we believe can be if we push hard over the next few years.

Like many other network marketing MLM companies, DoTerra has partly negative image since it operates as a multi-level marketing plan that helps members and affiliates become distributors. People unfairly assume it is a scam based on that principle alone and don’t take a closer look into the company itself. Is DoTerra a legitimate company or are they just one giant scam?

le-vel thrive

Le-vel is a network marketing company that focuses solely on selling nutritional supplements, vitamins, and shakes. Le-vel was founded in 2013 by three direct selling veterans and it has experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the past two years.

After reading our Le-vel Thrive review, you will see that the Lifestyle mix is a bit different from most other Thrive products.